Irina Dubtsova son transferred to home schooling

Ирина Дубцова перевела сына на домашнее обучение

Irina Dubtsova with her son Artem is enjoying a holiday abroad.

Despite the fact that the school year is coming to an end and the student, it would seem, at this time it is especially important to be in school, son Dubtsova, Artem, can easily spend that time outside the country, away from the home institution. And all thanks to my mother and her ingenuity. The fact is that due to bronchoconstriction caused by seasonal dusting of some deciduous trees, Irina is forced to literally flee from this horror, because she is allergic.

To keep the son at this period Dubtsova not wants, because the child travelling with her. While the issues are resolved with the school official permission for home schooling. What actually Dubtsova and issued: “for the Fifth year in a row we are having a baby forced to leave Central Russia for three weeks due to bronchoconstriction caused by seasonal dusting of some deciduous trees. From April 30 to may 20. At this time, Artem passes (officially, with a certificate and signed by the Director) to home schooling”.

By the way, and return home 10 days before the end of the school year, Tom manages to write the final test, and very successfully.

We will remind, recently it seasonal allergies Irina Dubtsova was the cause of the incident.

The Allergy attack, the singer started touring in Belarus. On stage, Irina seemed to be drunk. The audience, not knowing the situation, began to leave the room, and some have even at this time of the actress to blame the incompetent. Later behavior Dubtsova on stage commented on her Director: “Dear friends! In connection with the aggravation of the condition, Irina Dubtsova associated with seasonal allergies which she was suffering for several years and caused the bronchospasm, which affect breathing and speaking function, severe coughing singer could not hold the concert in Gomel. Surprisingly early flowering of nature in Belarus. Usually during the spring bloom Irina leaves the country. Sincerely apologize and announce that the money for the tickets you will be able to return at the point of purchase next week. Sincerely, Irina Dubtsova management”.

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