Irina Dubtsova showed racy photos with a married famous singer

Ирина Дубцова показала пикантное фото с женатым известным певцом
The singer was jealous of her subscribers.

Irina Dubtsova and Stas Kostyushkin

Photo: @dubtsova_official Instagram Irina Dubtsova

Irina Dubtsova amused their fans with a funny picture. In the microblog actress appeared her joint photo with Stas Kostyushkin, where she grabbed his colleague… for the “fifth point”. Posed shot was taken during the filming of the program Stas “a Very Cariocan”.

Grab Kostyushkina, which is one of the most athletic performers on the national stage, “the place just below the back” a dream of hundreds of his fans. In the comments of users on the Network admitted that envy Dubtsova, who had this “honor”.

Stas, by the way, duplicated a picture in his Instagram, putting in the signature, why was she depicted in such a strange position. “Good morning everyone! Shoot in “a Very Cariocan” great singer , poet, and composer Irina Dubtsova, but first she has to get me off the fence!” he said.

By the way, if Dubtsova free now and can afford such behavior, we Kostyushkin married and unlikely to receive praise for the from his wife, Julia. However, the wife often says that a man appreciates his great sense of humor. So maybe Stas will avoid “punishment” from Julia for a spicy picture.