Ирина Дубцова показала своего идеального мужчину
Favorite is a singer on hand.

Irina Dubtsova and son Artem

Photo: @dubtsova_official Instagram Irina Dubtsova

Irina Dubtsova who doesn’t like to keep my private life private, did the other day the sudden recognition. As it turned out, she has long has your ideal man. However, he is only 10 years, however, this does not prevent him already to carry the singer on hands. It turned out to be talking about a favorite son of the singer Artem.

Recently Irina went on a trip to Crimea, where will sodeystvovat on “Children’s New wave”. Along with her went to a trip and her son, who, while mom is preoccupied with issues, enjoy spending time by the pool. Sometimes, however, and Irina finds a few minutes to soak in the water. The result is a fun place to share photos. So, on one of the pictures, Artem effectively keeps the mother’s hands. Of course, Dubtsova son was posing in the water, so the boy had no chance to overstrain. “My ideal man! Good morning!” signed photograph of the singer.

By the way, her son is an excellent opportunity not only to spend a part of holidays by the sea, but to make friends with some of the participants of the children contest. Given that the international competition Artem at the same time to practice English which he learns at school.

Incidentally, together with Irina to judge young stars will be Igor Krutoy, Philip Kirkorov, Lev Leshchenko and others.

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