Irina Dubtsova showed boyfriend

Ирина Дубцова показала бойфренда
The singer talked publicly about the bad qualities of character of the man she loved.

Ирина Дубцова показала бойфренда

Irina Dubtsova in your
new music video “Boyfriend” decided to show the man, who has not justified her hopes. Collective image, but the intrigue is that the singer does not issue who’s playing her boyfriend. We only know that this is a very famous artist.

The shooting lasted for 20 hours and at
30-degree Moscow heat was difficult. “I realized how much time lost! — shares his impressions Irina — Even do not imagine how would all stand being in the same
weight. By the way, the conditions
the filming was such that I during the work on the clip threw a couple
pounds. Triggered effect that happens in the bath: from the lack of air conditioning in the heat and the spotlight I got rid of the extra harmful of water
the body.

Events in
the clip is shown with humor. The main heroine — modern and independent girl who
not everyone in the teeth. She’s not laughing at her man, on some
arrogant Prince who, in the end, was merely unlucky loser.

Irina Dubtsova

Photo: Press service

“I received incredible pleasure from filming, says Dubtsova. — Director Alexander Filatovich, and a great team
decorators, stylists, did a great job to make my
crazy ideas and for the video to “Boyfriend” turned out to be full of bright energy. This is another story of broken love where I am, how strong and
an independent girl, I can only laugh at me unworthy of a man. I
like to try on a variety of shocking images and display them on the bright background of the scenery.”

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