Ирина Дубцова требует закрыть реалити-шоу «Дом-2» The singer is shocked by what he saw in the morning edition of the program. Irina Dubtsova worried about the psyche of children who may be witnessing what is happening on the screen. “I’m not a prude, but we need to close,” said star. Fans of the singer are supporting it.

      Popular singer Irina Dubtsova, who also has a son, spoke very sharply about the recently launched on the TNT reality show “Dom-2. The island of love”.

      Star watched the morning broadcast of the project and have experienced a real shock from what he saw. Their emotions and thoughts about the future of this transmission Irina Dubtsova shared with subscribers microblog. “I’m in shock from the project “Dom-2. The island of love” on TNT? Today, Saturday, eleven in the morning, the kids are watching TV. Full screen two ass, jumping on one man! Gone mad? Almost pornographic video. What are they talking about! What is that degradation? I’m not a prude, but it must be closed immediately!”, – wrote Irina Dubtsova, placing a small snippet so struck by her story.

      Fans of the singer like she was waiting for this post. They enthusiastically supported her claim by posting their comments with the hashtag “to close the “Dom-2. The island of love”.

      “Yes, the horror at all. As the girls are driving yourself there! It’s their parents are watching!”, “Yes, “Island of love” they went too far, agree with every word! It’s time to close long”, “It really is a complete disgrace. I fully hold you”, “we are Glad that our pop stars are thinking in the right direction!”, “Hooray, at least someone from the public people saw it and believed,” write the fans of Irina Dubtsova.

      However, there were those who advised the singer to just turn off the TV. “Do not include TNT, what’s the problem? Lock on to that channel, and your kids will not watch it. Just remember that there is still the Internet, where such pictures or worse at each site to come across as advertising”, “Children nowadays not so I saw that nobody cares that they are in phones and iPads live. Do you think they’re just watching cartoons?!”, – speak out on the burning topic subscribers stars.

      Recall, serious changes have taken place in the TV project “Dom-2” in September. The third area of the main telestroke of the country, located in the Seychelles, filled with new participants – those who are basking in the sun all these months, returned to Moscow. Only three “points”: “flats”, “fields” and “Island of love”, who until recently worked in the same mode as the rest. Now it gave under the fresh format, similar to “the Bachelor.” Alexander Zadoinov moved to the Villa for 30 million. PHOTO

      Twelve sexy girls landed in the Seychelles, where they have joined the fight for the hearts of the two eligible bachelors of the project – Alexander Zadoinov and Ivan Bursikova. The organizers of the new show promised that the newly-Heartbreakers like not only to Sasha and Vanya, but the viewers.