Irina Dubtsova refuses to accept your age

Ирина Дубцова отказывается принимать свой возраст The singer celebrated the 35th birthday. However, the star doesn’t want to believe that every year is getting older. The actress gathered friends and made a noisy party where you said it will always be 30 years.

      Recently Irina Dubtsova celebrated the day of birth. The star turned 35, however, the friends actress decided that the birthday girl will always be thirty, so chose to add to this to age 60 months. The singer gathered close to her in a karaoke club, located in the center of Moscow.

      Fans Irina has prepared a special surprise. Fans Dubtsova sent her portrait, which shows the star along with his son Artem. The artist was very pleased with the gift and have captured on video the moment when I unpacked the picture.

      In the karaoke club Irina appeared in a long evening dress powder shade. The star looked seductive and was in good spirits, despite the fact that all day she has been quite eventful. Guests of the evening were her friend Sabina Agalarov, Catherine Yastrebinsky, Christina Diltaev and many others.

      For the release of the young women chose bright outfits. Because of the strict dress code has been established, they allowed themselves to come to the event in leather jackets and denim. Social networks subscribers Agalarova even gave a dispute who have the character to be more stylish.

      However, all the attention of the visitors and guests of the club were chained to the birthday girl, Irina Dubtsova. Fans saw footage from the event, was impressed by the attire of the actress, and left her compliments in a social network. “Irina, you are so classy, elegant, real”, “Monica Bellucci”, “Very thin,” he flattered the star’s followers.

      Hall place was decorated in white and red color scheme. Birthday girl delighted guests with the presentation of his new song “Moscow-Neva”, which was recorded together with Leonid Rudenko. Talented performers have teamed up to please fans of lyrical songs. Fans appreciated the track created by the Duo.

      “Your songs are always shot, Your songs touch the soul”, “Your music gives us moments of happiness!”, “As always a masterpiece!”, “No wonder you’ve been working on it, this song will win many hearts!” wrote listeners on social networks.