Ирина Дубцова теряет волосы The singer shared shocking details of his life. Irina Dubtsova relaxing in the company of a friend in the Maldives. The star has published a video in which her false curls fall from his head.

      Irina Dubtsova is resting in the Maldives. The famous singer spends time in the company of a close friend. Apparently, seascapes Paradise Earth star inspire creativity.

      So, Irina invented a new character, which she called Cute. The singer transforms into a brunette with plump pink lips that skillfully posing in front of the camera, depicting a glamorous lady. A collective image of a girl whose beauty is completely artificial, managed the artist to fame.

      One of the videos posted on Instagram, shows what can happen to a woman who is chasing the perfect appearance, by resorting to various tricks. Fashion false locks Dubtsova fall in the roller directly on the floor. It is worth noting that this moment some shocked fans of the stars. Even knowing that the plot of the video is fictional, it was uncomfortable to see my favorite singer losing his hair.

      Video published by Irina Dubtsova (@dubtsova_official) Jul 21 2016 11:50 PDT

      By the way, the experience of such transformation is from other stars. For example, Alexander Revva sometimes appears in the form of narcissistic Arthur Pirozhkov and Andrey Danilko known as perky Verka Serduchka. Irina Dubtsova decided to amuse his fans on the social network with the help of Mila.

      Interestingly, the singer have already been on the Maldives just last month. Then the fans of star noticed that it is highly postroila. Dubtsova posted a photo in a swimsuit, showing a wasp waist. To maintain your body in good shape, Irina even on vacation doing exercises and stretches. One of the photos the singer easily sat on the twine. Some users of the social network likened the star Anastasia Volochkova.

      Anastasia came true for the erotic splits

      Besides, the singer refused on the bad foods and stopped drinking alcohol. “I’m a year and a half ago refused any alcohol, don’t smoke, eat meat, fly a lot and have no way of relieving stress”, – wrote in one of his posts in Instagram Dubtsova.

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