Ирина Дубцова ищет мужа на сайте знакомств

The singer admitted that personal contact has no time, so Dating sites are helping her to find a mate.

Irina Dubtsova has opened a new method with which she’s hoping to find a soul mate. The singer signed up for one of the more popular Dating sites, there is a star and expects to meet happiness.

This method was chosen Irina is not just. The artist explains that because of the busy schedule she has no time to go to parties or Dating, because online Dating was a good decision for her.

“I have a profile on one Dating site. At first I was skeptical: it seemed to me that there are men who are looking for adventures for one night. But no, there are intelligent, educated and well-mannered young man, who also do not have time to go to parties. To date I still did not go, but with some communicate for a long time”, – admitted the singer.

Apparently, Dubtsova feel strongly about it, she was tired constantly to rely only on themselves. Like every woman, Irina dreams to meet a decent man who would support her in everything. However, the 34-year-old singer is convinced that with every year the chances to find the chosen one tend to zero. Affairs with younger men lead to nothing, and peers all happily married, but Irina did not lose hope.

“After all my previous novels I know for sure: I need a partnership. I used to do everything myself, and so want to be with a man who could to tell me: “Ira, stop! You need to rest,” – said Dubtsova in an interview with Hello!.

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