Ирина Дубцова ищет избранника в Интернете Russian singer admits that she is tired of the image of strong women and dream to meet a man on whom all could rely. However, in 34 years, according to Irina, to find a life partner is not so easy, but she did not lose hope.

      Russian singer Irina Dubtsova lives with her son Artem in a large country house in the suburbs. The star hung in their home a picture with peonies, as according to Feng Shui, this image draws in the house of love. Dubtsova really wants to find a life partner, but admits that in 34 years it is not easy to do as most men of the same age already married, and the relationship with the representatives of the stronger sex under the age it to nothing lead.

      “After all my previous novels I know for sure: I need a partnership,” – said Dubtsova. According to star, her parents ‘ marriage is the best example. Mom and dad of the singer decide all the issues together in their family greatness.

      Irina even started to look for a choice in Internet, as in real life due to the busy work schedule she always has time to chat with the men at social events and parties.

      “I have a profile on one Dating site. At first I was skeptical: it seemed to me that there are men who are looking for adventures for one night. But no, there are intelligent, educated and well-mannered young man, who also do not have time to go to parties. To date I still did not go, but with some communicate for a long time”, – admitted the singer.

      The performer of hits “About it”, “Love me long”, “Who, what?” dreams about a man on whom one could rely on. Like many women, Irina would like to be cared for, supported throughout, and sometimes dissuaded from acts about which the star had later regret.

      This spring while touring in Belarus Dubtsova was in the hospital, as she aggravated the allergies caused by the flowering of birch and alder. Despite declining health, the singer took the stage in Gomel, however, fully to speak and could not: before the eyes of all floated. Irina admits that this was her lesson and now she tries to carefully monitor their health.

      “I used to do everything myself, and so want to be with a man who could to tell me: “Ira, stop! You need to rest,” – said Dubtsova in an interview with “Hello!”.

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