Ирина Дубцова сверкнула грудью на Мальдивах The singer is resting on the Islands with a friend. Irina Dubtsova is not shy to spread in the microblog sexy photos of these heavenly Islands. On Tuesday morning, the star greeted her fans with a photo of the neckline.

      Irina Dubtsova enjoy a Paradise vacation in the Maldives. The singer went in the hot region in the company of a friend of Anna Klitsenko. Girls spread in social networks photos on the background of white beaches and stunning views of this place. Most attention subscribers of their microblog attracts photos of Irene and Anna in bright swimsuits.

      On the morning of Tuesday Dubtsova posted a hot picture, which depicted a close-up of a breast star. The body of the performer covers tan, and my skin shimmers in the sun as she carefully rubbed with a special oil. However, everyone’s attention was drawn to a form of Russian singer. “Oh, you got prettier!”, “Pleasing to the eye just! Sexy!”, “Well, how to lose weight”, “Delicious”, “gorgeous Ira!”, – praised Dubcova its subscribers.

      During Maldives holidays Dubtsova came up with his double Mila, which always goes on vacation with makeup with black arrows and bright lips. Donning a brunette wig, the singer easily transforms into glamorous girl who shoots video during a workout at the gym and almost never parted with sunglasses.

      Recall that in early summer Dubtsova already held in the Maldives an unforgettable holiday with her son Artem. At the moment, the heir of the singer is with her grandmother in Greece. The boy went in the footsteps of her star mom: during the holidays he also shoots short videos and share them on the page in a social network. For microblogging Artem already followed more than 3,000 people.

      Before leaving on vacation Dubtsova has released a music video “Boyfriend”. According to the singer, based on the video went to another story of broken love, where the stars are, how strong and independent girl, just laughing at the unworthy for her boyfriend. “I liked to try on a variety of shocking images that I showed on the background of the brightest scenery” – he described a new video of Irina. Irina Dubtsova talked about a bad relationship

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