Irina Dubtsova has cancelled the tour due to illness

Ирина Дубцова отменила гастроли из-за болезни The she time forced to leave the scene. Irina Dubtsova severe exacerbation of seasonal allergies, during which she is usually leaving the country.

      Ирина Дубцова отменила гастроли из-за болезни

      Popular singer Irina Dubtsova these days is on tour in Belarus. However, she was forced into an emergency order to cancel their performances due to the rapidly deteriorating state of health. The actress felt ill on stage during a concert in Gomel.

      The fact is that because of the warm weather in Belarus began early bloom, and the stars, which, as you know, suffers from allergies, having severe coughing spells. Representatives Irina Dubtsova were forced to announce the cancellation of the concert and to make an official statement.

      “Dear friends! Due to the worsening condition of the state choral chapel associated with seasonal allergies, which the singer suffers for several years and caused bronchospasm, which affect breathing and speaking function, severe coughing singer could not hold the concert in Gomel. Unexpected was the early flowering of nature in Belarus. Usually during the spring bloom Irina leave the country. We sincerely apologize and announce that the money for the tickets you will be able to return at the point of purchase next week”, – such message was posted in the microblog singer in a late Friday evening.

      Fans of Irina Dubtsova, worried about her condition and wish your favorite singer a speedy recovery. “Get Well, Ira! We love you and support”, “Very sorry, I cried at the concert, seeing that you feel bad”, “Irina, take care of yourself!”, – such comments leave admirers Dubtsova under the message about her illness.

      It is worth noting that last year Irina Dubtsova also made their fans worried for her health. The singer was admitted to hospital straight from the airport, where she became ill before boarding the plane. Instead go on tour to Baku, Irina Dubtsova has got on a hospital cot with the diagnosis “an exhaustion”, spent a couple days in the hospital, and then while recovering at home.

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