Irina Dubtsova became a mother

Ирина Дубцова стала мамой
In the singer’s life took place important event.

Photo: @Instagram olimpiadalipa Linden

TV presenter Linden recently christened their three-month daughter. In the microblog star has already appeared the first photo taken during a sacred ceremony. Godmother of the baby was a close friend of TV stars — Irina Dubtsova. The singer admitted that for her it was a very important day.The sacrament was held in Moscow in the Church of the Archangel Gabriel on the Khodynka field. To suppress criticism of the picture of the temple, the Lime in the review held a small excursion into the history of baptism.

“And right answer, knowing the different indifferent attitude of contemporaries to the photos… the Sacrament of baptism is a mystery ? No. Ordinance. Greek — “the invisible grace of God which is communicated to man.” Secret not in the sense of “secret don’t tell anyone”, and secret “to understanding the human mind”, the man looks like has not changed, feel the rebirth and the new life, the spiritual began — said Linden. — The mystery of whether wedding or baptism. And the sacrament. And with the blessing of our Confessor, we are not creating a bright and joyful event for us to be a secret, and share our joy. Sharing a kind word, deed, song, example, film, television, photography ,mood, event, people sow goodness. And on the page I try to follow this rule. But in secret let the state secret and the address of Grandfather Frost”

Friends and colleagues congratulated the presenter in such an important event in the life of her daughter. Incidentally, the name of his girls, unlike the sacrament of baptism, kept in secret. However, as the face of his beloved daughter.

Recall that the Daughter Linden was born at the end of June to the music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. It turns out that in the clinic where I gave birth TV host, taken in the most important moments to include the classics. The baby first saw the mother under the sounds of “the Nutcracker”. By the way, Linden leading online diaries about how to get in shape after giving birth, and shares the secrets of caring for babies.