Irina Bezrukova was very worried because of the move

Ирина Безрукова сильно переживала из-за переезда
In the life of Irina Bezrukovoj big changes are coming.

Ирина Безрукова сильно переживала из-за переезда

Yesterday the ex-wife of Sergei Bezrukov told his fan that finally decided to move out of the apartment in which he lived 17 years of his life.

According to Irina apartment reminds her of her past, as much associated with the housing.

Now the doctor has decided that it is necessary to start a new life.

“Mixed feelings. I have a very difficult day. I’m 17 years he lived in this house, and soon moving in. It’s a very intimate moment… I am alone in this apartment, alone with his memory. Sorted your files: then smiling, then crying. But I have to. Wish me strength. Mental and physical,” shared a woman with your subscribers.

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