Irina Bezrukova was surprised in a new way

Ирина Безрукова удивила новым образом The actress knows how to be different. Irina Bezrukova experimenting with different styles, than delights their fans. According to many, it is the same as the style of a domestic Tomboy, and the lady from the previous century.

      Ирина Безрукова удивила новым образом

      Irina Bezrukova has recently finished shooting the project “dancing with the stars”, and since then, not sitting idle. She is actively involved in different projects as a leader and as an actress. So, Irina conducted a concert dedicated to the 125th anniversary of famous composers Sergei Prokofiev, as well as participated in a number of new projects, having donned a variety of images.

      One of the most interesting was the last incarnation of Irene. Bezrukov for some time became a beauty from the past. A star to wear vintage long dress with a lace collar, decorated with embroidery and a charming black hat with a veil, a Flirty cover up half the face. The actress posted on his microblog a photo of his new image. In the picture next to the actress poses for her colleague Anna Starshenbaum, the star of the movie “My boyfriend angel” and the TV series “Family business”. Doctor provided your post with the hashtags “I love my job”, “I am happy here and today” and “New project” and “Sleep is for wimps”.

      Ирина Безрукова удивила новым образом

      Fans of the actress were not indifferent to her next change of image. According to many, the very Bezrukovoj is the role of women of a bygone era, because Irina is the owner of a sophisticated appearance. “Lovely way”, “Lady”, “Beauty”, “you look like You’ve transported us to another era through the dress and the hat”, “You’re so kind”, “Beautiful”, “You should have been born in the Silver age”, “Irina, you are elegant, mysterious and slightly mysterious about this hat. It’s a miracle good for you!”, — admired by the fans of the actress. One of them asked Bezrukovoj where you can buy things like what Irina said, “They’re from the last century. Antique”.

      However, Irina Bezrukova is not only beautiful dresses and accessories. During the filming of new movie the actress surprised all fans of the radical change of image. Always very well-groomed and feminine, Irina suddenly became the exact opposite. Doctor try on the image of the “Tomboy”. In Instagram she posted a picture where posing in a tracksuit, sneakers and sunglasses on the background of the wrecked car. Fans of the actress appreciated a bold star, making him a multitude of likes and expressing your delight in the comments. “I admire you”, “You made my day”, “Very cool”, “Surprised”, “Remembered “Team”, “I did Not recognize at first. Thought it was a young guy. Yes, you have to be different!”, — they wrote.

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