Ирина Безрукова удивила снимком без макияжа
Divorced actress is resting not alone.

Ирина Безрукова удивила снимком без макияжа

Irina Bezrukova and Ekaterina arharova with a friend

Photo: @bezirina Instagram Irina Bezrukovoj

Irina Bezrukova, along with most of the artists left
in a long-awaited vacation. Your vacation she decided to spend in Jurmala. That
the actress went to recuperate on the coast of the Baltic sea
Bezrukov said in his microblog. “The first day of the rest… the Body does not
understand… Condition Used Zen…!” — wrote Irina.

Igor Vernik, Irina Bezrukova and Catherine arkharova

Photo: @bezirina Instagram Irina Bezrukovoj

Incidentally, despite the fact that Irina went on vacation alone, she never spends time alone. The actress quickly enough found a cheerful company to stay. So, one of the days she spent together with his ex-wife Marat Basharova — Catherine ancharovoj. They did some sightseeing, visited the beach, and later said his meeting at a local restaurant. They were joined by Igor Vernik, who recently received a serious hand injury.

By the way, during the holidays Irina prefers to give the face a rest. So fans of Bezrukovoj will have a great opportunity in the near future to enjoy the natural beauty of the actress. The first images without makeup has appeared in the microblog Irina and gathered many compliments. Many fans noticed that even after suffering a terrible tragedy and divorce with her husband, Sergei last year, the doctor is optimistic, and looks young and happy.

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