Irina Bezrukova was struck by a new image

Ирина Безрукова поразила новым имиджем
The actress chose a business style and hair style in the spirit of the heroine “the Office romance”.

Irina Bezrukova

Photo: @bezirina (Instagram Irina Bezrukovoj)

Irina Bezrukova has hit the fans, appearing in
completely unexpected and new look. Some of the subscribers of its social pages, hardly recognized Irina in a woman without the slightest trace of cosmetics, a suit
and sunglasses features a plastic tortoiseshell frame. In the photo you Bezrukov
posted on his page in the social network, she poses at the courthouse in
the background of the flag.

Fasten your hair in the “old” beam and to abandon make-up the actress was forced to participate in the filming
the new movie “Ray” the film company “Mars media”, where Irina will play strict
the judge. By the way, Irina herself with humor reacted to this transformation by providing
the hashtag “Hag” with a hint of the image of Alice Freindlich in the legendary Comedy
Eldar Ryazanov’s “Office romance”.

The film is a mini-series of four episodes. His main character is Hattie, who lives for pleasure and family
to get not going, in what does not deny, and no one
snaps for a long time. In order to acquire an heir, he goes to the Agency and hires Mary who must give birth to a son,
to get the money and disappear.

However, after the boy’s birth Mary remained in the house of Gleb, keeps house,
has a son, whose happy smile everyone calls Ray. Seven years later, Gleb tired to pretend to be a family man, he
returned to his former dissolute lifestyle. And Maria, not wanting this
to put up, takes the child and leaves. It starts with fierce battle for his son. On
side Gleba – the best lawyers, money, when, finally, the law. On the side of the Machine — only the love of Ray.

In addition
Bezrukovoj, the film starred Galina Sumina, Nikolai Kozak, Alexander Ustyugov,
Galina Bokashevskaya and others.

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