Ирина Безрукова пользуется современными технологиями ради молодости
The actress said that helps her to look good.

Photo: Instagram

In which only the procedures did not suspect Irina Bezrukov! The rumors that keep youth helping her best plastic surgeons, not stopped for a single day. In fact, the actress prefers to prevent the problem, not solve it cardinally way. Recently, the star really loved the lamp!

“Everyone knows that tanning is bad for you, — said Irina. — So I go to Solarium for the production of collagen. Go literally 5 minutes.”

Collarium is an innovative method of treatment of skin due to light bulbs. Due to the effect of the light spectrum, resumes the synthesis of collagen of the skin and increases the degree of moisturizing. By the way, and the sun in this cabin, too, can get! It is believed that it is safe.

Of course, this is not the only secret of beauty and youth Bezrukovoj. But she considers it one of the most effective, if you need to freshen up without wasting time — no need to spend hours lying on the couch with a cosmetologist. But to him the actress, of course, also goes.

“My skin is constantly under stress: hours of makeup, the lights, frequent flights… — said the doctor in an interview with “7 Days”. — Yes, and tissue regeneration does not occur miracles, the skin does not remain the same as in his youth. I learned the classic three phases of care: cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition. But this is not enough. I used to think that, as soon as I picked up some creams, the beautician can not walk. But it is misleading. Many years once a week visit your beautician Elena, which is totally trusted. She estimates cosmetics of different brands, which I often give, it studies the compositions and says that I can keep and what keeps giving. Now use a good Korean care products. The cream added a snail. These molluscs incredible natural regeneration. Cream with this secret rejuvenates and regenerates the skin. Now such a happy time that can be long to look good. Not use it, not to prolong the youth would be stupid.”