Ирина Безрукова подает в суд на продюсеров The star of the show “Happy together” Yulia Zakharova was advised Irina Bezrukovoj to give up acting. And that, in turn, is going to sue the producers of the play, in which he played together with Zakharova.
Ирина Безрукова подает в суд на продюсеров

Irina Bezrukov became the heroine of a new edition of the program NTV “You’re not gonna believe this!”. The actress said that he was going to sue unscrupulous producers. Ex-wife of Sergei Bezrukov played a private performance of “Love descends suddenly”, but broke the contract. However, according to Bezrukov, her name continued to be used to attract the audience’s attention: on the playbills, which glued many sites of Russian cities still have a photo of her. She’s pretty sure that it just make money.

“I sold the tickets on my photo. “Me” taped country. I recently wrote a friend that he bought a ticket to the show with me. I have two months of not playing in this performance. When the artist leaves the project, then remade Billboard or glue the strip that the performer of this role so-and-so”, – said Irina.

The doctor decided to look into the situation and connected lawyers who assure you that if the producers of the project at least will not bring an apology, they are waiting for the court.

The role played by Irina, now entrusted to another artist – Yulia Zakharova. Bezrukova, answering the question correspondents, exactly who plays now instead of it said that the name of the actress hardly known to the General public, she’s a non-media person, but quickly became the main character because before that I played in this play a small role.

Julia Zakharova such statements in the address not left without attention and with pleasure commented on the situation with his hand.

Ирина Безрукова подает в суд на продюсеров“I non-media, and well, then I will! She (Irina Bezrukovoj) 52 years old, and I’m much smaller, so she’s an actress, and I actialy,” said Yulia Zakharova.

The star of the show “Happy together”, where she played the role of a neighbor of the main characters Elena Log, 37-year-old Julia Zakharova sure this doctor should apologize to the the producers. Says the actress, Irina led the team, she was stripped tour and in General, she should give up acting. In fact Zakharova accused Bezrukov incompetent, because, she said, she was capricious, and was running late, and was taught the role.

“She was introduced (Bezrukov) long, about 30, in my opinion, was the rehearsal points. Generally, you need to know the letters. She is beautiful, sweet person, but she did not need to do, and this is my personal opinion, acting is not her. She needs to engage in administrative activities to help kids, books picato us Sochi tour, unfortunately, went bankrupt due to the fact that Ms. Bezrukova are unable for whatever reason to go. She was healthy physically, we learnt, tried to persuade, but did not work”, – said Yulia Zakharova.

Irina Bezrukova says that immediately realized that the project is led by unscrupulous producers. But most of all it excites the viewer, who is simply lying. “Last time in the play “the Love will unintentionally appear suddenly” I participated in the beginning of March in London. After the tour I decided not to continue cooperation with the producers of the show. However, they continued to use a Billboard with my picture and my name for the sale of tickets for this show, not having any reason for this. Although I have to this outrage is irrelevant, I am very uncomfortable in front of the audience who bought the Scam tickets for a performance of “Love descends suddenly” with my alleged participation. Be careful, please, and remember that all events with his participation, I always announce in their social networks,” Irina wrote on his page in Instagram.