Irina Bezrukova remembered about the last days of your child’s life

Ирина Безрукова вспомнила о последних днях жизни своего ребенка The actress was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Irina told about the last trip with his son Andrew in Vietnam. It was after that trip the boy fell seriously ill.
Ирина Безрукова вспомнила о последних днях жизни своего ребенка

Irina Bezrukova lost their only child in 2015. The actress remembers past events associated with Andrew. Exactly he had the idea to relax in Vietnam. The young man invited the mother to fly with him. He wanted to see the ancient sights of Asian countries.

Ирина Безрукова вспомнила о последних днях жизни своего ребенка“We are incredibly traveled, where we were, even in Mexico. When he was a little over 20, I realized that to teach him nothing can… Andrew never interested party, he did not drink, did not smoke,” – said Bezrukov.

“In Vietnam, we had a great time – continued the actress, but I caught a terrible virus or flu. Andrew invited me to a doctor, he prescribed me medication. This was considered a good treatment for the country… Andrew sat next to me, all days at leisure will not depart from my bed. When I feel better, weak, of course, we had time to visit those places which he wanted. Then returned to Moscow.”

In the capital, the actress with the now former husband Sergey Bezrukov was preparing for the tour in Irkutsk. Andrew after a trip to the exotic country felt slight discomfort, but did not go to doctors.

“In a hot days. Before leaving I measured his temperature is 37.2. We did not pay attention,” remembered Irina. In the end, the couple flew to Irkutsk. As admitted by the doctor, she was constantly in touch with his son. They often exchanged messages almost every hour. The young man did not complain of health. Irina sounded the alarm, when Andrew stopped responding to messages. The actress called her friend that came to visit the guy.

Ирина Безрукова вспомнила о последних днях жизни своего ребенка“I understand that it took half a day, I write SMS he didn’t answer. I thought, “Well, it’s not working…”. When it took another 12 hours, I started to get nervous. She called her friend and she came to our house, Andrew did not open. I asked to break the door open… a Friend invited the district, some services… They somehow entered through a window, it was cracked. The apartment came my friend, the theater Director, the district… They saw Andrew lying on the floor. On his head was a wound, a dent makes people a little”, – told the artist Korchevnikov and spectators.

As suggested by Irina, the son could slip on the tile floor and fall. “Stumbled, hit his head. Called the ambulance, the doctors said that there are no traces of another presence, poisoning either. And the person is gone.” – with tears in the eyes told Irina.

The actress admitted that it can not accept the death of a child. “To be honest, it’s not every day you know why and what my life is. So. This was not to be, but it happened. Andryushka will always be 25” – confessed the actress.

After the death of his son Irina was waiting for a new shot. Sergey Bezrukov left her for another woman. Despite the fact that the couple was considered one of the most beautiful and happy in the domestic film industry. Boris korchevnikov asked the actress how she came to terms with the betrayal of a loved one.

“This question is not for me, certainly not to me. If you are a person love, and he finds it in another place better, it should be released. I was released”, – said Irina.