Irina Bezrukova refuses to meet men

Ирина Безрукова отказывается знакомиться с мужчинами The actress openly spoke about his personal life and future plans. Irina said that friends are trying to arrange her personal life, but the artist is not ready for a new relationship.
Ирина Безрукова отказывается знакомиться с мужчинами

Irina Bezrukova was married twice. The first husband of the actress became a colleague of Igor Livanov. In marriage they had a son Andrew. The young man died in 2015.

The second time she got married Segee Bezrukov. Couple of actors was considered one of the most beautiful in the domestic show-business. But they have not had children, in 2015, they broke up.

Personal life Bezrukovoj is often of interest to fans and journalists. The actress rarely gives candid interviews.

“If you look now at my inner world, he is like the paintings of Nicholas Roerich: the smooth contours of the mountains and a bit of air haze” – shared the actress.

The doctor notes that over the years has narrowed the circle. Now surrounded by the actress only trusted people.

Ирина Безрукова отказывается знакомиться с мужчинами“I don’t know how the others, but it seems to me absolutely normal, when truly loved ones you can call only a few people. It is strange when people call a huge number of names and think of all the friends. Know if it friends, colleagues, comrades… I’ve been in no hurry with the word “friend.” Why? Moreover, the profession that life is constantly in motion. The same applies to men of my surroundings. I’m more joke that “casting is open, consider,” but to understand a person is worthy or not, I need time. And while there is a lot of work. Of course there are men willing to take care of. But they’re so, they have once again – and the kings, and I’m not one of those women who are going in the relationship. So laugh off. Girlfriends are constantly trying to make me someone to meet. It is so cute and entertaining. Recently a friend living in America, sent me a gift of a special case with lights for the camera on the phone. In Russia such things yet, and she decided to pass it on to a friend. And meanwhile, I said, “You look to it carefully”. I am touched by the concern of a friend. But I think that fateful meeting could not be organised specifically. It should happen by itself”, – says the actress.

The doctor admits that her day planned to the minute. Therefore, early getting up for the actress is a usual thing.

“If I’m going a lot of cases, you Wake up very early. I am disciplined, precise person and the one trying not to fail. Learned to plan and know what you should do first. Timely pay the rent, give things to the dry cleaners, then to not be distracted by various household stuff. And output the alarm didn’t start. It’s that same feeling when you do not have to organize themselves, and it seems to help. Buy products in advance and can in principle never have to leave the house. Sit in social networks, I read the script, watch good films,” said Irina.

The actress believes that it is not necessary to abuse fashionable cosmetic procedures. Irina, according to her, not resorted to the services of plastic surgeons.

“Just glad that at the time didn’t follow fashion and not do anything radical to your face. Of cosmetic procedures regularly make hardware a caring person, visit the “hot bed”. Lie on a water cushion, and you still some wrapping to do. Relax completely. Love to do fascial massage. During this session warm up the muscles, as during a full yoga class. Still love the bath. Water is my element. But with a regular sports still does not work. Happens written for a certain time on training, and there is a need to urgently fly to the shooting or at a festival. I miss. Well, again, I’m a woman. And I have no purpose to build muscle or perfect abs. Not all weight training approach, and I’m one of them,” said the doctor in an interview “”.

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