Ирине Безрукова о погибшем сыне: «Он очень многое успел мне сказать» The actress came to visit Tatiana Ustinova in the program, “My hero.” Irina openly talked about how he coped with the death of the only child of Andrew. The guy did not become in 2015.
Ирине Безрукова о погибшем сыне: «Он очень многое успел мне сказать»

Andrei Livanov son of famous actors Igor Livanov and Irina Bezrukovoj died 14 March 2015, he was only 25 years old. The news of the death of a young man shocked the whole country. The artist rarely commented on the death of the heir. However, in the “My hero” Irina told how he coped with the grief and the memories retained about their child.

“My son was very clean, beautiful, wise. His soul was… some extraordinary soul! Already a little he said such things that immediately became clear, he’s got the rod, it was based on some very thin spiritual essence. He had a lot to tell me. I wrote in a diary of his phrase, not to forget. When I hard, I re-read them. Andrew said: “Life is lethal. Sometimes suddenly fatal”, – said Bezrukov.

The actress said that after the death of his son was supporting her friends and fans. Irina admitted that he had no idea how much strangers love her and care about her.

“Firstly, a huge thank you to the fans. I give my own Instagram and Facebook, there are many leave me words of support. Didn’t even know that people treat me is so located. When something happens, you’re faced with this, this can not be finished. But have very good friends that I from hand to hand passed, nothing happened. My son believed that there is no death, there are some parallel stories… So I believe a spiritual component, it does not disappear. The body is just a biological suit”, – said Irina.

Andrei Livanov died of acute heart failure in mid-March 2015. A young man found in his apartment dead in the late evening. Bezrukov told journalists that before his death, the son felt a little sick.

“Was weak, there was a runny nose, a slight fever. Went to the bathroom, and there, apparently, slipped and fell, hit his temple. Stated: death is instantaneous. In fact an accident. First entered the apartment and saw Andrew, my closest friend Lena – she’s our family doctor. The two doctors, two emergency situations Ministry and the district, – said Irina. – I was worried, because the son day did not respond to calls and SMS. It was decided to open the apartment. At that time I was with her husband in Irkutsk. Andrew was the last time we saw each other two days before the incident – returned from Vietnam, where two of us spent ten days,” said the actress.

Irina Bezrukova openly talked about his deceased son