Irina Bezrukova new novel

У Ирины Безруковой новый роман

After her divorce with Sergei Bezrukov his wife Irina Bezrukova decided to lose yourself in work, but in his personal life the cross is not put. The actress managed to participate in a dance show “dancing with the stars”, and yesterday at the premiere of the Russian blockbuster “the Crew” with Vladimir Mashkov and Danila Kozlovsky in the title role, Irina appeared in the company of a stranger.

The premiere was going to the cinema and theatre, the Beau Monde of the capital. Among those who came were not only participants, but also Oleg Tabakov and Marina Suginoi, Svetlana Toma, Svetlana Svetlichnyi, Vladimir Menshov with Vera Alentova, Julia men’shovoy and her daughter Taisia.
But not only the film interested public, and imposing man, with whom came Irina. What is he to Bezrukova, she is not told. She is married to Sergey was not too sociable with the press and on personal topics did not apply.
But her ex-husband became more talkative. In a recent interview with Sergey admitted that he got married to his new passion of Anna matison, but a bad marriage with Irina, according to Bezrukov, turned out to be due to an incorrect wedding ring. Each actor told reporters that Sergei once bought simple wedding rings for himself and Irene, but she wanted a more modern cut diamond. Bezrukov was sure that the engagement ring should be smooth so this was married life. Believing in this superstition, the actor is still confident that unsuccessful marriage guiltily diamond ring.

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