Irina Bezrukova has mastered the wonders of camouflage

Ирина Безрукова освоила чудеса маскировки
The actress visited an unusual exhibition.

Vlad Lisovets, Irina Bezrukova, Alice Grebennikova

Irina Bezrukov has visited Moscow
the zoo in interesting event — the opening of multimedia scientific and educational
the exhibition “a Genius disguise. Mimicry:
to disappear in order to survive” dedicated to the biological mechanisms of camouflage in

travel time the actress had to find it in the photos disguised
animals. The effect is intensified by augmented reality technology. Some
animals are so cleverly disguised that in the photos you can find them only when
the help of special devices whereby the picture of the animal
“alive” and begins to move.

With this
the problem star managed. The company made actress Alexandra Ursulyak and
Alice Grebenshchikova. At the entrance of celebrity guests with interest examined interactive panels, and then,
passing through the corridor with the mirror figures of animals, they found themselves at the exhibition.
The photographic exhibition showed how organisms use various
methods of deception to blend in with the landscape, pretending to be someone or something
others, to mislead a predator, a victim, or even a partner.

The actress particularly liked the Central object and
the symbol of the exhibition — installation “Chameleon”, which clearly
shows the mechanism of color changes of the skin of the animal. The chameleon communicates with
visitors that changes color depending on the reaction of the guests, rotate the eyes in
different directions and throws language.

The exhibition will be open for visitors on
New territories in the pavilion of Sodepa until October 30.