Irina Bezrukova has frankly told about the connection with the artist

Ирина Безрукова откровенно рассказала о связи с художником The actress hinted that her personal life is getting better. Irina Bezrukova has become a real Muse for Paul Vahan. The star stressed that before you make a choice, it always consults with a psychic, but the final decision itself.
Ирина Безрукова откровенно рассказала о связи с художником

The program “a Perfect repair” this Saturday showed the results of their work in the apartment of actress Irina Bezrukovoj. Experts were engaged in the arrangement of the bedroom for a 52-year-old star.

As Irina Bezrukova believes that her life is full of mystical coincidences and has long been interested in spirituality and compares his actions with the psychics, and the repairs in her apartment made esoteric.

In the meantime, were working, Irina Bezrukova openly spoke about his personal life, where there is a place for men. By the way, about the search of the second half, the actress consults with a psychic. Her confidant was Alexander Litvin. He recommends the woman to do in those circumstances.

“Irina is a self – sufficient person, this is a very powerful man. It is a flexible energy, but the bow is too flexible, but it’s a weapon. Any person who appears next to her, she sets a motion vector, which allows him to achieve results. The most important thing that this person did not think that he is so cool. I wish Irina was realized in partnerships. To do this, she has everything – intelligence, looks, enormous creative potential,” says Alexander Litvin.

Ahead of the broadcast of “a Perfect repair” with the participation of Irina Bezrukova has published in his microblog some photos depicting her in company with the artist Pavel Vaan. In the program actress revealed the intrigue, frankly speaking, that is a Muse for painters. As it turned out, Pavel and Irina known each other for seventeen years. The pair hinted that their friendship may develop into something more.

“During this time we never have time to hurt each other or disappoint – a great art, – said Irina Bezrukova. Paul says I’m his Muse, I inspire him. It’s very nice.”

Paul Vaughan said that every year his Association with the actress becomes more interesting, Irina Bezrukova – the same woman who allows him to open up creatively.

“During our meetings, I saturate with heat, which gives the Ira, and then another long to share it with others – says Pavel Vaan. – Jireh, I appreciate it. There is the idea to give her portrait to it was the look of this, today Irina, who came to me.”

According to Irina Bezrukovoj, today she has a few male acquaintances with whom she spends time – goes to the premiere, leaves planery and just walking around the city.

“I always enjoy seeing Paul, he is a true knight and a gentleman. I am happy that in my life there is a man like Pasha. But I don’t plan and don’t rule out the possibility that the universe will send me my man and strangers I do not have”, – concluded Irina Bezrukova.