Irina Bezrukova has been rough moving

Ирина Безрукова тяжело перенесла переезд The star said he left the apartment where she lived for 17 years. According to Irina, she is getting ready to major changes in their lives. A woman is going through, because they do not know what’s ahead of her.

      Star and theater actor Irina Bezrukova begins a new phase of life. The woman told his followers that decided to move from the old apartment, where she spent 17 years. According to the artist, with this place it involves a lot of memories, but now she realized that she needed to move on.

      “Mixed feelings. I have a very difficult day. I’m 17 years he lived in this house, and soon moving in. It’s a very intimate moment… I am alone in this apartment, alone with his memory. Sorted your files: then smiling, then crying. But I have to. Wish me strength. Mental and physical,” the doctor wrote on the page in a social network.

      Admirers of the actress supported her in this difficult time. Many subscribers noted that they themselves have experienced similar emotions, intending to change their place of residence.

      “Everything that is done, the better! Go boldly towards the future and try less to look back! Everything will be fine! God gives us different trials and be worthy of them to go,” “Ira, everything will be fine! In the future you take only good thoughts, positive mood, emotional balance”, “Ira, it’s a step in a new life. I think it is very right that you leave this house. I hope you will leave with a light heart. May your home be warm, bright, happy,” wrote a follower.

      Apparently, the last two weeks have been difficult for Irina Bezrukovoj. A few days ago, she confessed eternal love to his deceased son Andrew. She promised heir find happiness again. Irina Bezrukova leave message to deceased son

      Bezrukov has admitted in an interview that is not devoid of attention from men, but very wary of the opposite sex and is afraid to fall in love. According to the actress, she has a boyfriend with whom she goes to concerts and to the theater, but no serious relationship to build is not going.

      “The future is still unclear, all the way open. Soul slowly healed. Nobody and nothing holds. Freedom, hope, suspense and awe,” – said Bezrukov.