Irina Bezrukova gets the pleasure of communicating with men

Ирина Безрукова получает удовольствие от общения с мужчинами The actress is glad that her fans are not rushing things. Irina Bezrukova spends a lot of time at work and admits that her heart is still free. However, she does not reject the attentions of men.

      Ирина Безрукова получает удовольствие от общения с мужчинами

      Having gone through a difficult period in his life, Irina Bezrukova continues to enjoy the world around them. The actress dedicates a lot of time working. She starts rehearsals on a new role in the Provincial theater, also starred in the serial film for the First channel. Star is actively involved in other projects — both as a presenter and as an actress. Involved in charity work. However, she finds time for personal life.

      Bezrukov does not hide that it brings pleasure to communicate with representatives of the stronger sex. Irina does not reject the advances of suitors, especially if they are interesting and beautifully mannered men. The actress is not rushing things, she knows how to make friends.

      “I have many friends, just men, perhaps, more visible. One of them I have now recorded in the grooms. I’m afraid to assume that I could think of, if I with the woman went on a red carpet?! Now after all the fun. Want to honestly admit that I have the pleasure of communicating with men, ” says Bezrukova. – Men from my surroundings, not primitive arranged and understand that it is not necessary to hurry events it is not necessary to demolish the barriers. Look, make some overtures… And I with someone to a movie or to a concert Hvorostovsky, or listen to jazz. I have no hurry. I think that should happen, will happen naturally”.

      Interestingly, for the attention of theater and movie stars already fighting many men. Irina knows no shortage of colors and pleasant attentions. Meanwhile, Bezrukov has not yet made a fateful choice.

      “On the Internet and on the street do not get acquainted. I’m busy working, and my heart is still free. Men, of course, Express their interest, their vibes are trying to send me, but I do laugh off,” – says the artist in an interview with “TV”.

      Irina Bezrukova: “In the new year I’ll be happy, as I wanted my son”

      We will remind, in the beginning of the year at Bezrukovoj made a new friend. This is a wonderful Pomeranian puppy red color. Choose a name for the dog the actress helped fans. “My friends congratulated me with Oscar! Meet Oscar! For the first time yesterday, “in light”! Work, vocal training, rehearsing in the theatre, played the “Endless April”, behaved as befits a real man. Without fuss, quietly taking in all the enthusiasm and compliments. Thank you to everyone who has a name for him! And my closest friends, for helping to choose many of them on offer!” – Irina has shared in his microblog.

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