Ирина Безрукова подарила близкой подруге магический камень
On the birthday of actress Nina Kurpyakova has been visited by many stars.

Ирина Безрукова подарила близкой подруге магический камень

Irina Bezrukova, Nina “party show”dancing with the stars” Vitaly Surma and Stanislav Bondarenko

Photo: Instagram Irina Bezrukovoj

A week ago, actress Irina Bezrukova, Nina and I
Catherine Arkharov gave a slumber party in Jurmala. The same structure best friend
was found recently in Moscow. This time to celebrate the birthday of Nina
Kolpakovoj. The actress decided to celebrate 28th birthday in the heart of Moscow and invited
for a party in Kamergersky lane of their famous friends.

The birthday girl received a variety of gifts. Irina Bezrukova
got for girl friend jewelry — earrings with agate. It is believed that this
the stone has magical properties: it is a very strong guardian, he keeps from
stress and insomnia, and also gives a clear mind and eloquence. The artist Daniil Fedorov has presented a fine porcelain figurine-ballerina, mindful of ballet
the past Nina. Star of the Metropolitan theater Mossovet Stanislav Bondarenko
Kolpakovoj handed a huge bouquet of roses, which was not visible actress. Katherine Spitz made for Nina is a very personal gift and asked her to open volumetric box with his surprise house.

Ирина Безрукова подарила близкой подруге магический камень

Celebrity guests at the birthday party of Nina Kurpyakova

Photo: From personal archive of Nina Kurpyakova

But Catherine Arkharov lamented the fact that her gift is not
had arrived from Italy and she will hand over his now girlfriend in Rostov-on-don,
at the festival “BRIDGE OF ARTS”, where at the end of August going friend. There
your gift will be awarded to Nina and Alexei Vorobyov, the actor could not attend the
the triumph in Moscow and have sent video greetings from Kazan, where at

Nina ” with her friends: dancer Vitaly Surma, artist Daniil Fedorov and actress Catherine ancharovoj

Photo: From personal archive of Nina Kurpyakova

According to Nina Kurpyakova, birthday for her time
summing up: “I always report itself before you: so do I
lived for a year as wanted in accordance with their true desires, or all
did in favor of imposed by society lifestyle”. By the way, many times before
Nina celebrated the birthday on the set, because summer is the
a busy period in the film industry. Immediately after the party in Moscow, the actress flew
in Latvia to begin shooting vosmiseriynogo the drama “death defying”
for the First channel.

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