Irina Bezrukova first told about the arrangements with her ex-husband

Ирина Безрукова впервые рассказала о договоренностях с бывшим мужем
The actress made the confession.

Irina Bezrukova c Sergei Bezrukov in the “Conversation stage.” 2015

Despite the divorce with Sergei Bezrukov, Irina continues to go on stage of the Moscow provincial theater, which is headed by her ex-husband.

“I will say this… We with Sergey have built a friendly working relationship of the artistic Director and invited actress, — said Irina. — Otherwise it could not be. In this sense, we’re wise enough people, no matter what the situation. I still am a co-founder of Fund of Sergey Bezrukov. We consult with each other on issues related to theatre, which is actually created together. Just want to say that in the Moscow provincial theatre I have no privileges I always insisted on it. I’m here as a guest star…”

On the question of why she’s still not in the state theatre, the actress replied candidly: “I have not sought for it not to be in a special position. It would be unfair to colleagues. I never wanted to be a full-time actress or one of the theatres. As a student I played in three performances a day during the holidays and you know what it is. And in order to have the freedom and time for other projects: in the movies, on television. The more I have, the author’s program “the Conversation on the stage”, so on stage I go very often… besides, I never aspired to be a prima ballerina with her husband, artistic Director or Director. Seen enough of these Prim in other theatres, and I think anyone has ever done of honor.”

Irina Bezrukov admitted that they with your ex-husband is their agreement. “We with Sergey
immediately we agreed that we will not stand for a General discussion of the details of our
past. And I don’t want and have no right to break our agreement… But with everything going on with me over the past year, starting with
the unexpected support I received from my hometown —
Rostov-na-Donu, is the birth of a completely different me!”

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