Ирина Безрукова рассказала о намерении поменять имя
The actress has won a victory over the oppressors.

Irina Bezrukova

Photo: @bezirina Instagram Irina Bezrukovoj

Irina Bezrukovoj and her team of helpers it took two weeks to get her hacked Instagram account. That the actress returned to the social network she told page updated microblog.

“It’s been almost two weeks, during this time, I realized that I miss you, your comments and jokes… Realized that dependence is not from Instagram, but the desire to share the things you saw were… Realized that nothing is accidental and did not even really angry at the perpetrators…” — wrote Irina. After the incident, the trouble of burglary Irina admitted that thinking about how to change your nickname, — “name” in the social network. She hopes that this will help her continue to bring this account only luck.

By the way, this winter, the attack of the hackers have been multiple stars. Among them were: Julia Proskuryakova, Lyanka Grau and Jasmine. I must say that in the case of the hacking of Instagram stars are at risk of losing memorable photos and the number of subscribers. However, far worse is when criminals hack into a virtual vault of personal data of celebrities. For example, some time ago a hacker attack suffered by Olga Buzova. As a result of her personal correspondence and candid photos not intended for public viewing became public.