Irina Bezrukov told about loneliness

Ирина Безрукова рассказала об одиночестве
The actress shared with fans personal feelings.

Irina Bezrukova

Photo: @bezirina Instagram Irina Bezrukova

Irina Bezrukova has given
your subscribers are some tips on how to survive alone. Actress
convinced that even in this state it is possible to find positive moments. “There is
time to quietly reflect, to understand themselves, their thoughts and
feelings. Sometimes, it is important to be alone with him! At least not for long…” —
Bezrukov wrote in the microblog. Irina also showed an example of what loneliness
there is no reason to be depressed or locked up at home within four walls. The actress, for example, to set the mood loves to go to the cinema. By the way, the other day she
for the first time one visited the night show.

Incidentally, the fans were
amazed that the artist once again is in isolation, it’s not so
Irina has long hinted at the fact that she has a new boyfriend. The actress showed
luxury bouquets, donated by a mysterious admirer.In

By the way, about
congratulated Irina if her former husband Sergey with the birth of a baby,
unknown. We will remind that this week the actor and his wife, Anna matison’s daughter was born, which was decided
to call Mary. The baby appeared in
it’s set for the 4th of July. That Sergei became a father, he announced on his
page in social networks with the good news first the daughter.

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