Irina Apeksimova constantly criticizes daughter

Ирина Апексимова постоянно критикует дочь The actress spoke about his beloved heiress. Irina Apeksimova has questioned the rumors that Daria began her career Abralinsky thanks to the famous parents. According to star, the girl used to work hard to achieve high results.

      Ирина Апексимова постоянно критикует дочь

      In March 2015, Irina Apeksimova became Director of the Taganka Theater. The actress has already proved itself as a great leader. One of the most anticipated Premier of the new season of the cultural institutions was the interactive musical “Sweeney Todd”, directed by Alexey frandetti. Critics are raving about this vibrant musical performances and called it one of the best in its genre.

      In the long-awaited musical played Peter Markin, Alexander Metelkin Sergey Ushakov, Nikita Luchikhin and the daughter of the Director of the famous Metropolitan theatre Daria Artinskaya. The girl referred to promising novice artists. Her mother confirms: she is accustomed to working hard to achieve high results.

      “Of course, I kicked her constantly and do not give to exist in peace. But she is on the right track, head in the clouds, saying, you know, I played two main roles for half the season, and at the Moscow art theatre, and Taganka. She’s a hard worker” – shared the star of the cinema and theatre.
      Ирина Апексимова постоянно критикует дочь

      During the conversation with journalists Irina Apeksimova also admitted that tried to warn heiress from incorrectly chosen profession. The famous actress openly spoke Abracinskas about all the cons of this job. “Despite the fact that she grew up in a family of actors and have seen many difficult moments, she’s still got quite successful parents. But I tried again to tell her: it is not necessary you become a popular actress, not necessarily all in you will fall in love and begin to walk to the theatre for your performances,” said Apeksimova.

      According to celebrity, fame is not directly dependent on acting ability. Therefore, the artists have to be very persistent and willing to fail. “It’s the hardest profession, hurting feelings,” said star.

      We will remind that 22-year-old Daria Abralinsky daughter Irina Apeksimova and Valery Nikolaev. The girl graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre in 2015. It is known that Darya studied in the course of Dmitry Brusnikina and a master of her mother was Oleg Tabakov. “Now they have a completely different system of education”, – quotes Apeksimova website of the magazine “Hello!”.

      It should be noted that Abralinsky not only Shine on the stage of Moscow, but also in films. In 2017 scheduled the premiere of the drama “Ikaria” directed by Yavor gyrdev. In this film, as you can see, Ivan Jankowski, Maria Fomin, Peter Skortova, Nikita Kukushkin and other promising young actors.