Irina Apeksimova broke his leg on the set of the TV show

Ирина Апексимова сломала ногу на съемках телешоу
Rehearsal for the dance numbers ended for the actress on a trip to the emergency room.

Irina Apeksimova

Photo: Instagram

Fans of Irina Apeksimova worried about your favorite
actress. At the end of the theater season she is busy in several productions, tickets
which sold out long ago. Apeksimova manage to combine the position of Director
the cult of the Taganka Theatre with exits to the stage as the leading actress. A
wondered how with such a busy schedule Irina agreed to participate in another
entertainment show on the First channel?

Alas, recently on a film set with her
there was a major nuisance. The actress broke her foot during a rehearsal,
unsuccessfully jumping during the dance numbers, designed in the style of the musical

“I prepared the first issue of “Oh, my chaise, an American.”
We danced, rehearsed. When he jumped, heard something snap in
leg. Pierced a sharp pain. After having worked for two more rehearsals and
came up with another room. Only after that I went to the emergency room, where
said it was a fracture. So unsuccessfully jumped” — quote

In this brave artist decided to continue
to participate in the project through the pain. “We have such a profession,” not for rent