Irina Antonenko gathered her friends at a bachelorette party

Ирина Антоненко собрала подруг на девичнике
The star of the show “the Ship” ready for the wedding.

Ирина Антоненко собрала подруг на девичнике

Irina Antonenko


Irina Antonenko on the eve visited the Bridal shower. This event highlighted the actress on social networks, posting some photos from the event. But congratulations to the star from her fans — is premature. Irina married is not going to. This was a party her girlfriends…

Photo: @irina8antonenko Instagram Irina Antonenko

Interestingly, in June, on the personal page Antonenko appeared the actress in the bride’s attire. However, fans speculated that Irina tried on a white dress for some movie roles.

Incidentally, despite the fact that Irina is the winner of the title “Miss Russia”, the personal life of the actress was, until recently, not as good as she would like. “In fact, with men beautiful girls, not just me, there is a strange story. We stick to some arrogant, criminal types, from which you can expect anything… Apparently, only such inadequate people, fools narcissistic, have the courage to approach. And for those who are more intelligent, educated, think: “She’s a beauty Queen, she of fans the sea. And what am I?” Maybe adequate men just a few and all are gone?” — told Irina