Irina Allegrova wanted to help the family of ex-husband Igor Cabbage

Ирина Аллегрова хотела помочь близким бывшего мужа Игоря Капусты In may, died the ex-husband of the famous singer. It is known that Igor Kapusta has been living in cramped conditions. After his release from prison, where he spent five years, the man could not stand up. After the death of the Cabbage relatives turned to Irina Allegrova.
Ирина Аллегрова хотела помочь близким бывшего мужа Игоря Капусты

Recently in St.-Petersburg buried the ex-wife Irina Allegrova Igor Cabbage. He died of pneumonia in mid-may in one of the hospitals of the cultural capital. It is known that Allegrova had a complicated relationship with her ex-husband. After Irina and Igor broke up, they did not support communication. When the Cabbage was behind bars, the celebrity handed him a hand.

According to some, Allegrova did not support her ex-husband and when he fell seriously ill. Journalists wrote that the singer also ignored farewell to Igor. However, recently revealed that the star still wanted to help the relatives of the Cabbage after his death. At the funeral of the men required a large sum, which his family did not have. In the result, it was decided to contact Allegrova, because she used to call Cabbage as its main love.

“When Irina found out about the death of Igor, she was ready to help. A friend of mine she said: “Itself to get in touch I won’t if I apply will help!” Close to family wrote messages to her and Lala, who manages the family budget moms. Asked for 300 thousand. The message was read, but no they did not answer”, – told reporters insiders.
Ирина Аллегрова хотела помочь близким бывшего мужа Игоря Капусты

Why Allegrova not made contact with relatives of deceased husband, we can only guess. Celebrity have not commented on their relationship with Cabbage, served in prison for possession of a controlled substance. It is known that the artist is not established communication with the father Lala Georgy Tairov, who has long passed away. The star said she was married, wanting to spite ex-lover, and called this marriage a mistake.

It is known that shortly before the demise of Igor Cabbage picked up the infection. His body, exhausted by being behind bars, unable to cope with the illness. The cabbage became ill with each passing day. At first, nothing boded trouble – Igor was expected after a planned examination, he will return home to new beloved. The lovers were sharing an apartment in Moscow, reports

Meanwhile, Irina Allegrova out. The actress was planning to invest ten million rubles in the ground and design the house in the suburban village Myloradove, but in the end left without any money. A few years ago, star has transferred a considerable sum to the man who was supposed to oversee the process. But work has not begun. The result Allegrova terminated the contract, demanding the return of millions. But the person responsible is deceased, and the money mysteriously disappeared. Irina Allegrova is trying to regain stolen from her 10 million