Ирина Аллегрова пытается вернуть украденные у нее 10 миллионов The singer appealed to the court. Irina Allegrova is trying to return the missing money. The artist wanted to invest a large amount of property outside the city, but due to protracted construction tore up the contract.
Ирина Аллегрова пытается вернуть украденные у нее 10 миллионов

Irina Allegrova planned to invest 10 million rubles in land and developement of the mansion in the village Myloradove in the suburbs, but in the end left without a home and without money. Several years ago she translated a decent amount to Vladimir Denisov, the head of several large companies, which was supposed to oversee the process. Work never started, so a few months later Irina broke the agreement and asked to return the millions. But it so happened that Denisov died and the money disappeared.

They say the man they unsuccessfully invested in the business, and went bankrupt. So the artist had to go to court. The meeting is still going on, one of the latest took place in late April.

“The debts were inherited wife Denisov, commented “StarHit” the lawyer who worked with Allegrova. – The singer has given a total of 100 thousand rubles, and it happened two years later. Still 9.3 million”.

Respondent is in no hurry to extinguish the debt, citing a lack of funds. But, as we found out, after her husband’s death the woman inherited a house worth 11 million, land area of 7 million and a few cars.

“The problem is that Denisova is still not formalized this property in the property and strongly opposes to do it, – continues the lawyer. – The number of arguments, for example, like this: if a debt seize home to live the woman won’t”.

Irina confessed that she likes to live outside the city, closer to nature. She believes that it perfectly reflected not only on her health but on appearance. Irina Allegrova: “I rested on the wall, its done all my crying and decided to leave”

“Learned one thing: the woman need to sleep a lot! Not five or six hours, and eight. Outside the city in the fresh air always in the bedroom with the Windows open. After a long tour can longer. However, I would put the sleep into second place. First for women – love, that his eyes burned. By the way, when a good night’s sleep, you also look sparkles”, – told the artist “StarHit”.