Ирина Аллегрова проигнорировала похороны бывшего мужа
The singer did not come to the farewell to Igor Cabbage.

Irina Allegrova and Igor Cabbage

Recently held a farewell to Igor Kapusta, who died may 15. According to his relatives, Irina Allegrova ignored the event. The singer did not come to say goodbye to her ex-husband, has not sent a wreath on his grave, and expressed condolences to the family of Cabbage. Indifferent behavior offended the family of Igor, who was waiting for Allegrova attend the funeral of the ex-spouse.

“Honestly, I have never such a cruelty not seen. On the death of Igor, Irina did not react. I don’t want to talk about it,” said the sister of the former husband Allegrova.

Irina and Igor have been together for eight years. Their breakup was due to cheating husband singer. The fact that the couple was married didn’t stop the Cabbage from love Affairs on the side. Allegrova grieved at the unfaithfulness of her husband.

Fans and friends looking for justification for the act of the singer. This topic was discussed in the Studio of the program “the Stars aligned”. To protect Allegrova stood Darya Dontsova, who said that jumping to conclusions about the cruelty of the singer prematurely. “They stand near the coffin and I think the wreaths. Why is it necessary? Nobody knows how many tears had been shed in the bathroom. Irina just doesn’t want to show feelings,” said the writer. The fans hope that Irina will soon refute the words of the relatives of Igor.