Ирина Аллегрова отменила шумную вечеринку в честь 65-летия
“The crazy Empress” told about why has not organized a celebration on the occasion of the anniversary.

Irina Allegrova

Photo: Instagram.com

Today is the day Irina Allegrova birthday. This year, the singer birthday — she turned 65. Irina admitted that throwing a giant party on the occasion of the personal holiday will not be. “The crazy Empress” actually does not like noisy celebrations. Your birthday Irina usually meets at home in the circle only the closest friends.

“I confess, I do not like to talk about their plans and to cover the whole country the details. The details will not reveal — who knows what… Maybe just not going to celebrate. In General, I prefer to celebrate the birthdays of the closest people, very quiet, family atmosphere. No fancy get-togethers, toasts and congratulations. That’s right — modest and comfortable — I had a birthday party in his youth. And try this tradition is not broken. The extra hype around the day of birth only gets to enjoy the holiday”, — said Irina vm.ru.

Colleagues Allegrova on stage publish in social networks, congratulations to the artist. Their wishes have already shared Alexander Buinov, Alexander Serov, Igor Nikolayev and others. “Irene, the Empress, my dear, happy Birthday to you! Be happy!” — Nikolaev wrote in the microblog. Admirers Allegrova is also not left behind and publish congratulations on the anniversary on social networks.