Irina Alferov told how a shock in Africa

Ирина Алферова рассказала, как испытала шок в Африке
The actress first shared details of an unusual voyage.

Irina Alferova in Africa. 80’s

Photo: from the private archive of Irina Alferova

Irina Alferova remembered about the most exotic adventure that had for 70 years.

I flew to Equatorial Guinea. It’s practically the Limpopo from a fairy tale! — said Irina. —
I arrived, and the Luggage — no. And the next plane in two
weeks. On me other than a sundress, linen and sandals — nothing. A scheduled
a serious event at the Soviet Ambassador on the occasion of November 7. In Guinea
it was almost a national holiday, because of the USSR many plants
built, and the Russian’s love is infinite. And I at the reception was generally
the main person – the Soviet star”.

Irina was rescued by the wife of a diplomat,
gave me his red bodycon dress to the floor. It is the first time in my life was
luxuriously dressed. The next day in the cinema showed a film with Irina
Alferova “Black birch” and she went to introduce him.

“In the hall sat
the crowd of half-naked black people and screamed with all his might: “Ahhh!” — says the actress. So they
they expressed their delight. In special moments, the screaming intensified. I was horrified
thought that the approaching episode in which I was naked running away from
Nazi aircraft. Fortunately, it is not shown. Just knocked
projector, turned on the light. Then again renewed the show, skipping
a dangerous place. When it came to the finale, I see: literally everywhere
the water flowed across the floor. Ask the interpreter: “what’s that?” “They
just have sit here and write.” They have so decided…”

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