Ирина Агибалова преодолела тысячи километров ради дочери Marguerite Marceau celebrates its birthday on the Sunny island of Cyprus. Irina Agibalova came to his daughter from Russia to personally to pronounce her good wishes. The family of the stars “House-2” are very friendly.

      Irina Agibalova for many years, showing love and understanding to their daughters. The youngest heir to the stars “House-2” lives with his family in Cyprus for few months. On the Sunny island of Margarita celebrates its birthday.

      In order to see my daughter and give her personally, her smile, Irina traveled thousands of kilometers. She flew in from Russia to Cyprus precisely to the remarkable date. However, Agibalova congratulated the heir, and on his page in Instagram.

      “Dear, my beloved girl, my daughter, my Daisy! Happy birthday to you, my pretty! Love you with all my heart! Today will be a lot of wishes and many congratulations, I flew in to be there on this day and hug you in the morning, my dear. Here I will write briefly: just be happy and healthy. Let you are always surrounded by only loving you,” wrote Irina. “Thank you, mummy. I love you very much,” replied Agibalova daughter.

      It is noteworthy that fans of the famous celebuski once called himself the star of “House-2” showed surprising unanimity in the comments to the photo collage that Irina has published together with congratulations Margarita. Followers Agibalova acknowledged that she is a wonderful mother who raised a wonderful daughter.

      “Ritulka just unreal beautiful! Congratulations on your birthday! Let her life be beautiful and happy! Irina, you have a wonderful daughter and all the children, congratulations! You are a wonderful mother and daughter you have a wonderful! I wish you great happiness and good health”, “Irina, congratulations on your beautiful daughter! No doubt that she is a kind and sincere man, because the eyes are the mirror of the soul”, “The best part for my daughter is when there mommy,” commented an admirer of Irina in the social network.

      Irina Agibalova can’t sell a luxury house

      It is possible that over time, the family Agibalov-senior will move to Cyprus after his daughter. The star has already has been selling his posh three-storey cottage in Pavlovo Posad. In order to expedite the transaction, Agibalova even went to a psychic. “Three floors plus basement, 780 squares, elegant gardens – I doubt that someone in the real estate market would offer a better price than we do. I have begun to suspect that selling a home would prevent some mystic power, because of a neighbor’s house and then sold, and for a rather large amount of…” complained Irina “StarHit”.

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