Irina Agibalova the friends gathered at the birthday

Ирина Агибалова собрала друзей на день рождения
November 1 congratulations to the birthday took former member of the famous TV project “Dom-2” Irina Agibalova.

Ирина Агибалова собрала друзей на день рождения

Irina gathered the star guests at one of the restaurants of Moscow, among whom were her daughters Olga and Margarita, Victoria Romana, Ilya Gazhienko, Anton Gusev and many others. Irina thought through every detail of the celebration, she dressed in Oriental costume.

Ирина Агибалова собрала друзей на день рождения

“Was very soulful and warm. I rested and had a good time, as on all such holidays. Daughter said that was an unrealistic number of colors. The program, of course, very decorated Sara OKS – great to dance to live vocals. Gave chic scarf famous brand, three different fragrance – French and American. But it’s not the most important – much more important was to see everyone, to come together and listen to the beautiful heartfelt words in her honor,” said Agibalov.

On my birthday, was unable to attend the husband of the birthday girl, as was on a business trip.

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