Irina Agibalova: “Tatiana Africanoboi watch”

Ирина Агибалова: «За Татьяной Африкантовой следят» The star of “House-2” will not tolerate repeated abuse. Recently entered into force court decision – Irina Agibalova filed a lawsuit against Tatyana Africanoboi. Now she is waiting for a public apology from obesity and moral compensation.
Ирина Агибалова: «За Татьяной Африкантовой следят»

In late August, the court ruled on the case of Irina Agibalova against Tatyana Africanoboi. The judges ordered the defendant to pay monetary compensation. But now Irina is calm, she hoped that nobody would be able to make unsubstantiated claims. Through her example she wanted to prove that everyone should be held accountable for words and actions. Irina Agibalova has schooled Tatiana Afrikanova

“In the end, Africanoboi will have to pay 121 thousand rubles to five in damages and the rest for expenses. Plus she said that 70 thousand she paid her lawyer. In General, for their language she would have to pay about 200 thousand. In addition to the five thousand, which, in principle, less than I spent on gasoline for the entire trial, I received a formal recognition that all this talk was just rumors. I think this is a lesson for Africanoboi that she once again didn’t scream about the evidence, which it never was. She and her husband still do not understand why I sued. They believe that the Internet is written that it for him in court is not filed, and turned up as a famous person, so decided propiaritsya. It’s really funny: if you look at her “Instagram” and I – who by whom PR?” – said Agibalov “StarHit”.

Despite the fact that Tatyana Vladimirovna was found guilty of libel, Irina notices some unpleasant vyskazyvanija your address. In her opinion, Afrikantov tries in every way to “catch”.

“Afrikantov keeps me veiled insult, she calls me names, calling my initials. Or rather, not even talking, and mumbling in their broadcasts in the Network. Says there the size of my butt and legs. In General, behaving inappropriately and inappropriate to their status and age. Watching her, watching her, so the slightest mistake and the court. And now five thousand for a second time she will not be awarded. Moreover, if it is to avoid fees and apologize publicly – what was the decision of the court – it will be another statement of how failure to execute judicial decisions. She should know about it: it imposed a more severe punishment,” said Agibalov.