Irina Agibalova talked about their fears

Ирина Агибалова рассказала о своих страхах
Irina Agibalova liked by the audience of the famous reality show “Dom-2”, where she came to help her daughters.

Ирина Агибалова рассказала о своих страхах

But now Irina admitted that she suffers from loneliness. My daughter and son have grown up and each lives her life, and she was left alone.

Ирина Агибалова рассказала о своих страхах

“Broke my kids of home. So strange, quiet… All these years while the kids were around, I felt like a steam locomotive high-speed trains, rushing forward, tired, nervous, rejoicing, and receiving such a large range of different emotions, but in return most importantly – the feeling of being wanted and love!” – Irina has shared with the followers.

The woman has three grandchildren grow up, but she rarely sees, as the daughter Olga lives in Krasnodar with the family, and Rita travels with her children and her husband.

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