Ирина Агибалова перестала загорать из-за опухоли The star of the TV project “Dom-2” struggling with the disease. Irina Agibalova admits that he had become more attentive to their health, because they might be unpredictable. Ex-participant reality show is sure: if time does not take care of yourself, then do not help any doctors.

      Ирина Агибалова перестала загорать из-за опухоли

      Benign tumor in the head of Irina Agibalova found two years ago. According to the woman, terrible migraines plagued her from the age of sixteen. However, it later emerged that the disease was congenital, with proper treatment and timely inspection, it does not pose a threat to health.

      In addition, about a year ago, the star found another tumor in the breast. The news rocked Agibalova and her entire family. There was a thorough examination.

      “At first scared me! Said that the chest you want to remove, – has told “StarHit” Irina Aleksandrovna. But an experienced doctor reassured me: “we Will treat without surgery”. A woman without a breast is disabled! Do you need? The result was not long in coming – at the moment I feel fine.”

      Despite the fact that tumors in the body women not develop, Irina Agibalova radically changed way of life.

      “First, now I’m constantly going through the routine examination, – has shared with “StarHit” Irina Aleksandrovna. – Certainly every six months I go to the doctor. Were used more often, but then such a need, thank God, disappeared. Drink special vitamins, watching your diet, be careful to relate to products with a high content of chemical additives, eliminated GMO foods. In Cyprus, it could easily: sea air, fresh vegetables, fruit, fish… but that’s under the sun I now have to be less. The tumor may be unpredictable novel itself. On the street I now go out only in the hat or other headgear. Be sure to cover the chest, trying not to appear under the sun after twelve o’clock. Until about three or four are generally sitting in the room. Sunbathing, the doctor cleared me only from six to ten in the morning. It doesn’t bother me: I’m a morning person, always Wake up really early. I’m used to it”.

      Family Agibalova emigrated from Russia

      We will remind, recently the star of “House-2” have purchased a house abroad. Margarita and Irina Agibalova bought a property under construction in North Cyprus. Mother and daughter feel completely happy. “The time has come to share with you wonderful news,” Margaret wrote in his microblog. – We with mum have bought property in Northern Cyprus. It is still under construction. But we are already looking forward to! The complex is called “Renaissance residence”.

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