Irina Agibalova responded to the next “attack” Tatyana Africanoboi

Ирина Агибалова отреагировала на очередной «выпад» Татьяны Африкантовой Stars “House-2” still can not find a common language. Moms home electroni of the country for several months to publicly lash out at and fight for justice. Tatiana Afrikantov recorded a new video about Irina Agibalova.

      Most recently, fans of “House-2” discussed the conflict of Tatiana Vladimirovna, Irina Alexandrovna, and their first hearing. Agibalova filed a lawsuit against the offender, which, in its view, spreading false information and slander. Then many thought that the confrontation of the women will end, because nobody wants to spend money on lawyers and disputes. But, apparently, in the near future, the world will not have to wait, Irina Alexandrovna has posted in Instagram clip, which was recorded Afrikantov-senior for their followers. Video star telestroke says never take the first step towards itself.

      “The man is shameless PR puts the window to his apartment. Had a half a million subscribers, and was 800 thousand. And it’s still not enough, the grabber! She wants me still on my knees put! Damn this will never happen! Understand it there is a German language teaches you to tear to give to some other country. So never, I have you in the periscope answer – a woman who doesn’t deserve my forgiveness, I give her a certain opinion have this opinion I will keep to myself, but my opinion is: this woman never, under any circumstances, I ask forgiveness I will not!” – told Tatiana.

      Apparently, Irina Agibalova tries not to react to unpleasant statements. The woman shared with fans his thoughts on this matter and was surprised that even at the time of litigation abuse continues. And also admitted that it does not hurt the hurtful words of nedobrozhelateli.

      “Good morning. This video made my morning a lot of fun. Walking and smiling. That’s how much envy and anger need to have, how much arrogance and pride to not settle down for four months. I’m a PR at her expense? The second time I write about it for four months and it is now removed, and this woman every day for a few hours of me says it believes my money, watching my life and anger right saliva splashes! Wannaaaaa! Aggravation! Be careful!” – left signed to publish Irina.

      Already informed Agibalov told “StarHit” that no matter how condescendingly tried to treat the offender, she can’t stop being nervous. Such experiences have a negative health effect – blood pressure rises, frequent severe migraines. Because of the disease, the woman even missed the first meeting in court.

      Agibalova missed the court with Africanoboi due to health problems

      In addition, according to Irina Alexandrovna, the officer who engaged in it already long time can’t get to the family Afrikanovich to the apartment. “What if they don’t open, or sometimes not at home, but after some time the policeman came to the closed door. Will walk again. Mobile Tatiana also takes. Neighbors of them as something very cold respond…”