Irina Agibalova mad behavior at the wedding of a former son-in-law

Ирина Агибалова в бешенстве от поведения гостей на свадьбе бывшего зятя Eks-the participant “Houses−2” regretted that he had allowed his grandson Mitya to attend the celebration of his father. The little boy was almost crushed when the beloved Eugene Cousin Sasha Artemova threw the Bridal bouquet into the crowd.

Last week ex-brother-in-law Irina Evgeny Kuzin were married. His ex-wife Rita Agibalova allowed their son Mitya to attend the occasion. The boy spent the whole evening in the company of adults. During the celebration happened nepredvidennye: child knocked down the girl who caught the bouquet. The moment of collision fixed camera wedding guests.

Irina Agibalova reacted to an unfortunate incident with her grandson.

“I’ve looked. I’m in shock, of course, was that Victoria did not notice the child had fallen, and she did not notice this, — said Irina. — I believe that the bride’s bouquet should be caught in the handle. If he fell, it is not considered. The child who there put? Where dad, grandpa? He had to explain that the bride’s bouquet caught only girls…” – said Agibalov fans of the TV show.

As a result of collision the small Mitya fell. Irina said that the boy’s mother also was furious about what happened. When ex-member saw this and that her son spent his time and how he was knocked down, a caring mother could not hide her frustration and disappointment.

“Thank God the child is alive and healthy, was not injured. Every mother who would see that her child is at someone else’s celebration and falling over drunk aunt will react in such a way as Rita”, – said Irina.

Despite what happened in the wedding night, the former mother-in-law sincerely happy for Cousin Eugene and his beloved Alexander Artemov. Thelebanese repeatedly admitted that the Union is harmonious and successful.

“When I was invited to Olympus, where he discussed the relationship of Zhenya and Sasha, I said Cousin: Jack, it’s your lucky ticket and if you miss it, it’s going to be your biggest mistake. I think that Sasha really loves Eugene. They are lucky with each other”, – said Irina Aleksandrovna in an interview with the publication “the House-2”.

Wedding Cousin, and Artemov caused a lot of controversy. They could not decide to formalize the relationship, as Sasha had problems with documents. At the celebration were invited close friends, couples and colleagues in the project: Ksenia Borodina with her husband, Nelly Yermolayeva, Daria Pynzar, Natalia Varvina and many others. Leading the celebration was Rustam Solntsev.

Wedding Sasha Evgeny Artemov and Cousin. PHOTO. VIDEO

We will remind, in the beginning of the year your aunt and cousin won the competition “Wedding in a million”, which was part of the reality show “Dom-2”. Beloved dreamed of a luxurious celebration and spent a considerable sum of money to arrange a Grand celebration.