Irina Agibalova is rapidly losing weight

Ирина Агибалова стремительно теряет вес Thelebanese resets kilos. In recognition of the former participant “Houses-2” in the last few months she recovered. In this regard, Irina decided to develop a program in order to get back into shape.

Thelebanese Irina Agibalova fans congratulated with the onset of summer and shared with them his plans. According to the woman, she’s going to lose accumulated during the lowering of the activity of pounds. In this regard, Agibalov has developed a set of measures to return to its former shape. Ex-member of telestroke also periodically consults with loved ones about diet. Apparently, Irina is very serious.

“Well, my good. With the first day of summer you. I was the second day on the delicate cycle of losing weight, the children help me advice on diet, counting calories, exercise, etc., Found another clinic for lipo-sculpture, second session pass already, I don’t know what happens in a month will tell. And out on the balance minus 600 grams, and it’s insanely inspiring,” wrote Agibalova in the microblog.

Members Irina Alexandrovna wished her to quickly come to the desired weight. According to many, the woman is in amazing shape. “Beautiful,” “days of sunshine and mood”, “Where do you want to lose weight? You look great”, “God Give you health” “I will not put myself on a diet! It’s time”, “I Admire you” – discussed by fans of the former participants of telestroke.

Agibalova previously explained to fans why she decided to go on a diet. “I have recovered. Removed the bandage on the recommendation of a General practitioner because of sudden weight loss I had a prolapse of the right kidney. It was recommended to gain a little bit weight, a few pounds. But how to do it? Eat so easy, but fold just very difficult, especially when you’re over 50 and you normally didn’t eat for five years, when you have a large family, frequent guests, and you spend at the stove for 10 hours a day to feed all yourself and do not forget”, – said Irina.

In its publication thelebanese also admitted that complains of a headache. “This infection is so exhausting to me that I look sick and gaunt,” – shared Agibalova.

We also add that Irina regularly shares with subscribers his recipes. The star of the reality show often reveals the secrets of cooking delicious dishes, to the delight of his many fans. Recently, Agibalova explained how to make pancakes from the remnants of drinking yoghurt.