Ирина Агибалова проучила Татьяну Африкантову The star of “House-2” waiting for an apology from obesity. Irina Agibalova told about the ruling, which was made by the court. She’s glad to defend their honor and dignity and hopes to receive reimbursement.
Ирина Агибалова проучила Татьяну Африкантову

This winter the famous “telebasura” project “Dom-2” Irina Agibalova has addressed in court with the requirement to protect her honor and dignity. As it turned out, another mother of one of the participants of the reality show Tatiana Afrikantov said that Irina served time in prison. She argued that learned information through the Internet, and therefore took it at face value. However Agibalova did not tolerate such statements and asked the servants of Themis. Today it became known that she was able to get justice.

“That’s what happens in life. There are loud voices, the cries of files and threats, and in fact, nothing, because it cannot be what never was! Today was the final session of the court in my suit about protection of honor and dignity, and the verdict was fair! Expect an apology in all social networks and refutation of every spoken phrase in my address. I want to thank my lawyers for the excellent job,” said the reality star.

Fans rushed to congratulate Agibalova with a victory. Followers are glad that she was able to win the case. “Irina, you’re done! Beautiful, young, famous, successful, intelligent woman, Mother and grandmother. So you are jealous”, “I Want to believe that people will really understand what is wrong and will apologize, Yay The truth has triumphed! Ira, congratulations, although I knew this aunt is not friends with the head,” wrote a follower.

However, Irina managed not only to refute the words said in her address, Tatiana Vasilievna, but the money – five thousand roubles as compensation. Also Africanoboi will have to pay and the costs incurred by the plaintiff.

While Tatiana is in no hurry to publicly apologize to the former participant “Houses-2”. She spends time in Tuapse, where he went on vacation. Agibalova admitted that the whole story has affected her health and cost her spent nerves. Irina Agibalova: “due to slander Africanoboi I could be in trouble with a tumor”

“She poured me and my family in “Instagram” and “Periscope”. Called me “seckau”, “sitting”, “walking”, saying that all I have kids from different men. Then she began to support her husband Alexander, also telling where and when I “sat”, – told the woman about the beginning of the conflict.