Irina Agibalova from despair from criticism

Ирина Агибалова от отчаянии от критики в свой адрес The star of “House-2” not understand what she write insults. Irina Agibalova returned from Cyprus, where he recorded with daughter Margaret a new cooking video, and was shocked when I saw how the public reacted to it.

      Ирина Агибалова от отчаянии от критики в свой адрес

      Irina Agibalova returned home from a recent trip to the Sunny island of Cyprus, where her youngest daughter Margaret as a family. There is a star “Houses-2” has recorded a new video for my cooking blog. In the video, the mother and daughter talk about how to prepare a Mediterranean Breakfast. The basis of food lies everyone knows the omelet, but women reveal the secrets that give it a special taste.

      However, when the video was published, instead of praise for the ex-participants “House-2” was criticized. First, in a YouTube video her parents told me that it was delivered more than likes, it means that he did not like many times. Second, in the comments to the video women read a lot of negative reviews. Apparently, this was the last straw for Irina, which is being criticized has already become a sore topic.

      “The last time I was very upset that increased the number of negative comments on my page. I don’t understand what this is about, to be honest. Like no one was hurt, continue to share with you and to answer questions… But the negativity and climbs of many – appealed to his followers Irina. – Why so many insults appeared again in the direction of me, of my age, such age will not hide or hands and neck age issue! You think I don’t see or know? Or I ever hide how old I am? Or I always write that I am 20 years old? A separate question to those who calls me grandma and old woman! You your mother called? But many of you I’m mom’s only good! Grandma and I for their small grandchildren and do not hide it and proud of it! Why do you think that if the person is public, it is possible to insult or to throw tons of dirt, slander, accuse him of lying or photoshop or much else!”

      Family Agibalova emigrated from Russia

      We will remind, recently the family Agibalova shared in social networks the happy news about buying property in Cyprus. Margarita and Irina bought a house in a luxury residential complex directly on the beach. It is possible that many of the subscribers are just jealous of the success and prosperity of the stars of telestroke, and therefore “reward” them with a barrage of criticism.

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