Ирина Агибалова вынуждена покинуть Кипр из-за ухудшения самочувствия The star of “House-2” soon will return to Moscow. Irina Agibalova in a hot climate aggravated the disease, which first manifested itself twelve years ago. The woman regrets that she’ll have to interrupt as soon as the vacation.

The rest of the former contestants of the reality show “Dom-2” Irina Agibalova in Cyprus overshadowed by one unpleasant fact.

Famous thelebanese suffers from a terrible Allergy to the sun, which is exacerbated during her vacation on a hot island. The status of Irina Agibalova is that she’s thinking about returning to Moscow. The woman not helping Allergy medications. The only way out is in a hurry to leave Cyprus. But this, apparently, Irina Agibalova not very desirable. She asked for advice from subscribers microblog, showing them the photo, which clearly shows how her whole body is covered with small blisters.

“Just decided to sit back and relax, but no! Allergy! Come and get it! Have to interrupt my vacation and return to Moscow. Allergic to the sun first appeared 12 years ago in Egypt. Then slightly in Turkey now. It turns out that it arises not always. After all, a year ago and two years ago in Cyprus, Malta and Greece, there was such a reaction… Drink an antihistamine, and sense – zero! Who faced such problem?” asked fans of Irina Agibalova.

The followers of the star of “House-2” readily began to share with her their experiences. Someone advised Irina carefully shut out the sun, someone to clean the liver.

“This can only be removed by hormonal ointments. About the consequences I will not tell, you can Google”, “the Only way to avoid the sun. Alas. I live life”, “No need to interrupt a vacation, just hide from the sun and wear cotton blouses”, “Irina, I have appeared in Turkey 4 years ago. The doctor said to clean the liver. I did Dubai liver. And it never happened again. In General, you need to clean the liver and the entire body. Better with a specialist and then just nothing like that will happen”, – told about his experience of dealing with allergies in the sun fans of Irina Agibalova.

Recently, thelebanese has become quite common to talk about health problems. Just a month ago, Irina Agibalova complained of tormenting her a headache. As in the case of Allergy to the sun, the woman is not helped by medication, and she could hardly cope with a wild, all-consuming headache. Irina Agibalova stopped to help powerful drugs