Irina Agibalova extra lose weight

Ирина Агибалова экстренно худеет The woman and her friend pass a course of rehabilitation in a specialized sanatorium. Irina to share with the fans in the Network results weight loss, also the star of the show talks about the procedures that attends.

In the fight for the beauty and harmony of mother of many children and grandmother Irina Agibalova undergoing rehabilitation at the sanatorium. Woman to share with fans the weight-loss results, she also talks about the mode of the day.

Irina together with a friend, visit a number of procedures. For example, they tried underwater shower-massage, pressotherapy, Spa, special obetovanie and many other techniques that will help to fight against excess centimeters. The star of the TV project “Dom-2” is powered strictly by the hour and not deviate from the recommendations of physicians.

“In short, is a procedure for the solution of many problems of the skin around the eyes, including dark circles under the eyes, puffiness, wrinkles, dry skin. All youth and beauty girls. Love you, my beauty,” said Irina.

Irina is an active user of “Instagram”, she tells the fans about the success of their children and grandchildren, also thelebanese publishes posts with recipes. Because now, Agibalov, dieee, she is preparing a special cocktail that promotes fat loss.

“Girls, my good! Borrowed the recipe for this fat burning cocktail and immediately share with you: 1. Two medium kiwi 2. One slice of lemon with the zest of 3. One teaspoon of honey 4. One stalk of celery 5. One barrel of frozen spinach 6. 70 ml of water 7. Two mint leaves. Download all in a blender and on low speed, three minutes to grind! Want more smoothie recipes for harmony and ease? If Yes, put like that I understand as wanting,” – said Agibalov.

Previously, Irina cleaned up the face and do a fashionable hairstyle. Members think that woman looks great for her age.